A weekend in McAllen, Texas

When you get invited by a group of patriots to attend a MAGA event, you drop everything and just go.

As I arrived in McAllen, Texas on 9/15/2018 at the event location, it became evident that these patriots want nothing more than to help our President to succeed.

Not only was there a huge American flag, there were several Trump flags and a huge patriotic cake to celebrate the occasion. Read More...

September 2018: FAIR “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” Event in Washington D.C.

What an honor it was to be invited by FAIR ( Federation for American Immigration Reform) to the 12th annual “ Hold Their Feet To The Fire” Radio Row event in Washington,Dc.

More than 60 Radio hosts from across the country broadcasting live from Capitol Hill, debating immigration issues, while interviewing high profile experts, Activists , Members of Congress, Law Enforcement officials and Angel parents like me. Read More...

An Invitation to the White House

Last year I got to attend the launch of VOICE in Washington,DC.

VOICE = Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement, a Office within the Department of Homeland Security  was created by President Donald Trump to acknowledge and serve the many needs of crime Victims and their families who have been effected by crimes committed by illegal aliens. Read More...

Mother’s Day 2018

May brings Mother’s day and a harsh reminder that I will no longer get my funny card from Dominic. However, I was blessed that every day with him was a mother’s day that I cherish.

But my moms birthday also falls on May 11th and that was reason enough to go to Germany to celebrate her glorious 98 years of life. Read More...

The REAL Dreamers: A Visit to Washington DC (February 2018)

February 2015 was a busy month.

I went to visit Washington DC again and had a few appointments with some  Democrat Senators. I just wanted to sit with them and share Dominic’s story and how illegal immigration changed our lives forever.

Excited and ready to rumble, I arrived at each Senators office and learned that the appointment wasn’t with the Senator, but with someone of his staff. Read More...

36th Heavenly Birthday

Hello dear friends and supporters.

Had some technical difficulties and could not blog at all since January, but help arrived in the form of an incredible and very talented Patriot and we are back up and running. Thank you dear friend.

Let me take you back to January 22, 2018, the day that would have been Dominic’s 36th birthday. Read More...