Americans First, more important than ever!

Sitting outside, enjoying the quiet of the evening, listening to the birds give their daily concert, I glance over at the Angel Garden.

Each rock had the name of a lost loved one written on it. The weather kind of faded the names, but not in my heart. I remember each one and smile, as I think how safe they are in heaven. I always say a prayer for them and their families. Mother’s Day is almost over, and I reflect on all the moms who have lost a child. Read More...

Sabine Goes to CPAC

Sabine – DomsMom attended the annual CPAC 2020 – Conservative Political Action Conference February 25th to 28th at the Gaylord Resort at National Harbor in Maryland.

She did numerous interviews with local and national radio and news stations to share Dominic, who he was, what caused his death and tried to educate about the cost of illegal immigration that effects EVERY American, regardless of political affiliation. Read More...

My Experiences at the 2019 ICE/DHS event in North Carolina

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf and Acting Director Matthew Albence invited me (representing AVIAC = Advocates for Victims Of Illegal Alien Crime) and 3 other Angel-parents to meet in Raleigh, North Carolina on November 25, 2019

The issue of the roundtable meeting was to discuss several sheriffs who represent counties that refuse to adhere to US. Immigration law and are failing to cooperate with ICE on detainers for dangerous and violent criminal aliens.
Secretary Wolf cited several examples where sanctuary policies have threatened public safety in North Carolina. Read More...

AVIAC Comes to Washington DC!


This past week AVIAC’s Angel Families came to Washington DC, to make a difference and to demand change from Congress.

💥That’s right, we are no longer asking Congress to do it’s job protecting Americans over illegals, WE DEMAND it💥

Thank you to FAIR and Susan Tully for making this all happen and inviting us to the ‘Badges and Angels Immigration & Border Crisis Conference. Read More...