AVIAC Comes to Washington DC!


This past week AVIAC’s Angel Families came to Washington DC, to make a difference and to demand change from Congress.

💥That’s right, we are no longer asking Congress to do it’s job protecting Americans over illegals, WE DEMAND it💥

Thank you to FAIR and Susan Tully for making this all happen and inviting us to the ‘Badges and Angels Immigration & Border Crisis Conference. Read More...

Badges & Angels Rally – Washington DC. 9/25/19 at 10 AM

My fight against illegal immigration is driven by the love for Dominic and to make sure no other family will ever have to deal with this kind of preventable grief.

Myself and the board members of AVIAC = Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime will travel to Washington,DC along with 36 families that have also been impacted by illegal aliens.

FAIR = Federation for American Immigration Reform worked hard to put this event together and invite all of us, including 190 Sheriff’s from all over the nation.

Together we will stand shoulder to shoulder to let congress know that we no longer ask for change ....

We DEMAND it !!

Every American citizen and legal immigrant like myself deserves to be protected from any foreign threat.

Americans deserve to be taken care of before illegal aliens.

Please join us if you are in the area, say hello and get a big Domhug

Thank you for the incredible support, messages and prayers!


I Have to Get Something off my Chest

I see the different opinions and posts about the father and his little daughter who drowned. Heartbreaking for sure.

No doubt sad and tragic.

I see people outraged and pointing Fingers, disgusted and upset.

No, our President did NOT encourage that, nor did the Border Patrol have anything to do with it. Matter of fact, they save lives at the Rio Grande every day risking their own lives. Read More...

My Trip to Germany

After moms funeral, Dominics aunt Ursula and I went on a trip to Castle Neuschwanstein. ( Disney Castle).

We chose this destination because our mom and dad took us there as kids and Dominic and I went to see this beautiful castle in 2000.

Walking down memory lane and enjoying different sights that brought much joy to our hearts and some tears because our mom and my Dominic were missing. 💔 Read More...