An Invitation to the White House

Last year I got to attend the launch of VOICE in Washington,DC.

VOICE = Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement, a Office within the Department of Homeland Security  was created by President Donald Trump to acknowledge and serve the many needs of crime Victims and their families who have been effected by crimes committed by illegal aliens. Read More...

Mother’s Day 2018

May brings Mother’s day and a harsh reminder that I will no longer get my funny card from Dominic. However, I was blessed that every day with him was a mother’s day that I cherish.

But my moms birthday also falls on May 11th and that was reason enough to go to Germany to celebrate her glorious 98 years of life. Read More...

The REAL Dreamers: A Visit to Washington DC (February 2018)

February 2015 was a busy month.

I went to visit Washington DC again and had a few appointments with some  Democrat Senators. I just wanted to sit with them and share Dominic’s story and how illegal immigration changed our lives forever.

Excited and ready to rumble, I arrived at each Senators office and learned that the appointment wasn’t with the Senator, but with someone of his staff. Read More...

36th Heavenly Birthday

Hello dear friends and supporters.

Had some technical difficulties and could not blog at all since January, but help arrived in the form of an incredible and very talented Patriot and we are back up and running. Thank you dear friend.

Let me take you back to January 22, 2018, the day that would have been Dominic’s 36th birthday. Read More...

Sabine Durden Interview on “Panda’s Patriots” 7/19/18

Sabine Durden knows better than anyone about immigration. She came here from Germany and became a citizen, but that is not the case for everyone. Immigrants are coming to America for all different reasons, yet when they don’t obey the laws and continue to break laws this is not OK.

Sabine knows that all too well too. An illegal alien with prior DUIs and other convictions tragically killed her only son Dominic in a motorcycle accident in July of 2012. Read More...

Happy New Year?

That’s a hard one for me to hear.

It’s just another year without my son. Another new year without his hugs and kisses, without hearing his laughter, without being the recipient of his funny pranks.

Another year not making plans or looking forward to adventures with Dominic.


it’s a new year for creating new memories in his name, helping others who also know this grief and making sure he will NEVER be forgotten. Read More...

A insane and wrong verdict …..

It took me this long to get myself together to write what and how I feel about this travesty of a verdict.

The NOT GUILTY verdict brought me to my knees and I cried…..cried my heart out….but not only for Kate and her family, but for every victim of illegal alien crime and for every American who will become just that. Read More...

Never going to stop…..

….. sharing my late sons story

….. fighting illegal alien invasion

….. speaking my mind

….. reaching out to those who know my grief

….. calling out those who want to do us harm

….. being true to who I am/became because of this tragedy

THANK YOU for the prayers and many kind messages that lift me and help me continue this fight so you don’t have to Read More...